BABSHair Beauty Box is a subscription plan with monthly payments taken on the 1st of month for the monthly plan and upfront for the 3,6 and 12 months subscription plans.

No. It is absolutely free and you only pay for your purchases.

You will be billed for your first box when you sign up for your initial purchase. Beginning with your second box, you will be billed monthly on the 1st of each month. Our boxes will be shipped around the 15th of the month.

Billing for the next month box will be processed after your current month’s box has been shipped and/or delivered.

You will receive an email reminder 3 days before your billing. Your subscription plan will auto renew each month unless you decide to cancel.

Currently, we are unable to modify the billing and shipping dates for your subscription plan. We are able to provide you with free shipping and great products at discounted pricing because of bulk shipping and purchasing of items. Having various billing and shipping dates would hinder the opportunity to take advantage of these savings that we sought after for you.

You can update your payment information in your BABSHair Beauty Box account. For security concerns please Do Not email us with your payment information to be updated. That must only be completed by you via our secure billing system.

You can change your shipping address in your BABSHair Beauty Box account, or you can email us at support@babshairbeautybox.com to update it for you. If you make any changes to your mailing address in your dashboard at any time after you subscribe, please email us immediately to confirm if your address will be updated in time for the current box.

All mailing address changes MUST be completed before the 27th of the month. The address on file on the 27th is the addressed your box will be shipped to.

All orders are shipped around the 15th of the month. You will receive an email notification when your order is shipped.

If you received your BABSHair Beauty Box Box and one of your item is damaged during shipping, or you received the wrong braiding hair color that you did not select in your profile, email us at support@babshairbeautybox.com within 3 days from receipt of your box and we will replace the item for you. Unfortunately, after 3 days from the date your box has been delivered, we will not replace the item.

If your BABSHair Beauty Box is returned back to us, we can reship your box for a fee of $8.99 or apply a credit for the cost of the box towards your next renewal date. Any changes to your mailing/shipping address MUST be made prior to rebilling on the 27th. You can also email us at support@babshairbeautybox.com to update it for you.

If your order status indicates your box was "delivered," but you have not received your package, we kindly advise the following options first:

  1. *Double check your garage, mailbox or porch
  2. *Ask your door man or building manager
  3. *Ask your neighbors

If you are still unable to locate your package you are eligible for a “One Time Credit Per Calendar Year” for boxes confirmed delivered but not received. We will apply the cost of the box towards your next renewal date. For eligibility please contact us at support@babshairbeautybox.com.

If you are concerned that this could happen again, we suggest that you update your shipping address for all future shipments in your account dashboard.

Yes, you can skip a future delivery and without being billed for it and without cancelling your entire subscription. To do so, you must login into account and under the upcoming billing schedule tab, you will be allowed to submit a skip request. This process MUST be completed by the 27th to prevent unwanted charges.

If you are seeking to skip more than 2 months, we suggest you cancel your subscription and return when you are ready to resume.

We do not accept exchanges or returns or exchanges at this time. We at BABSHair Beauty Box value your feedback and strive to make every BABSHair Beauty Box a memorable experience. Email us at support@babshairbeautybox.com.

Yes! We welcome your unboxing experience! Just post your video or pictures on Facebook Instagram, or Twitter and hashtag #babshairbeautybox #babshair_beauty @BABSHairandBeauty.

Your unboxing video or picture gives you a chance to win the next month’s bonus box.

Yes! Gift subscriptions can be purchased. When you order the regular monthly subscription you must set the ship to address the person you are gifting the box to, but the billing information would be your information. You can also change the email address in the account to the person receiving the gift so that they would receive the shipping notifications each month.

Gift subscription plan does not auto-renew after the subscribed time frame it reached. If you do not want to pay for an additional gift plan after the current one is completed, you would need to have the person you are gifting to change the billing info to their billing information. Only non gift plans auto-renew indefinitely or until canceled.

If you are cancelling your subscription after the 14th of the month, you will still receive the next month’s box because it was already allocated.

You can reach us via email at support@babshairbeautybox.com